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Answer: The Biggest Loser of the Grammys. Question: Who is Polaroid?

Posted on 2011.02.14 at 02:54
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Lady Gaga is Creative Director of Polaroid but on her biggest night ever she was hidden and neglected at the Polaroid Web site. Am I wrong or is this a HUGE miss on the part of Polaroid? The first ten students of Internet Communications for Spring 2010 who weigh in with their opinions in the comments section below will each earn five #IntCom bonus points.

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(Anonymous) at 2011-02-14 15:09 (UTC) (Link)

Gaga- Katie Reynolds

Yes! Not only is it safe to say that Gaga is one of the most awe-inspiring annual fashion icons of the Grammy's, but I don't think Polaroid helped her with her recent hype. Gaga "hatched" out of on egg while performing her new hit song "Born This Way" and went home with a Grammy for the Best Pop Vocal Album. Polaroid showed no intent of creating buzz through their website to promote or support any of her recent success. Lady Gaga's image and talent exudes fame, but having the power of Polaroid encourage her would have been a lot more comforting for the company and for Gaga. -Katie Reynolds
Amanda Vo
AmandaVo at 2011-02-14 15:12 (UTC) (Link)
I definitely think Polaroid made a mistake in not spotlighting her on its website during the Grammys. Polaroid is a company in which its employees should work together and help each other, and considering Lady GaGa was a front runner at the Grammys this year (let alone released a new single just a few days ago,) Polaroid should have given her the attention she deserved on its website. Lady GaGa has been good at promoting Polaroid through her Twitter and has even put Polaroid back on the market due to her loyalty to the company, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for Polaroid. The most the website has about Lady GaGa is at the very far right, after scrolling through, that mentions her tour (which is outdated--Summer 2010) and a creative team meeting she held in Tokyo (also outdated). Hopefully Polaroid will learn from this mistake and spotlight her during the American Music Awards--that is, if their partnership lasts until November!
(Anonymous) at 2011-02-14 17:44 (UTC) (Link)

With Lady Gaga being the highest grossing performer last year - 30 million - also the highest in the history of performers... UM WHY WOULDN'T THEY USE GAGA TO ENDORSE THEIR PRODUCTS?! Seeing that Polaroid was completely broke a decade a go, they should have taken advantage of Gaga. Lady Gaga has a huge following and if Polaroid showcased her on their website as well as other social media outlets (since Polaroid's demographic is creative artists anyways). They could have had a huge customer interaction on social media sites and Gaga even being seen with several polaroid cameras would have had a bigger interest rate. They simply failed at their pr stunts, advertisements and marketing tactics.

Jocelyn Choi
(Anonymous) at 2011-02-15 17:27 (UTC) (Link)

Noelle Freeman's Response

They missed out 100%. Almost every entertainment news program, host, people in the music industry or just fans were buzzing about Lady Gaga and what she would wear or do at the Grammys. That being the case, it is beneficial for any company to use her as a selling point... ESPECIALLY one that is invested in more than just her wardrobe or publicity stunts. It would have been particularly helpful for them to use her on their site because of the consumers they are trying to appeal to. Younger generations are obsessed with Lady Gaga's every move. Therefor, any company or brand should use her as a magnet for their company... especially around their most important and publicized event!!
Kaitlyn Halamuda
Kaitlynhalamuda at 2011-02-17 08:28 (UTC) (Link)


Hopefully I can still get extra credit, because it does say the first ten people. :) I agree with you completely Cory. I think this was a huge loss on Polaroid's part because Polaroid in general is kind of thought as outdated. Having Lady GaGa as their creative director is a good first step to revamping the company, however Polaroid should have definitely recognized Lady GaGa during the Grammy's. Not only did she receive a Grammy, but she also pulled off the very creative hatching from an egg that Polaroid should have spotlighted. Definite fail for Polaroid.
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