Answer: The Biggest Loser of the Grammys. Question: Who is Polaroid?

Lady Gaga is Creative Director of Polaroid but on her biggest night ever she was hidden and neglected at the Polaroid Web site. Am I wrong or is this a HUGE miss on the part of Polaroid? The first ten students of Internet Communications for Spring 2010 who weigh in with their opinions in the comments section below will each earn five #IntCom bonus points.

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If I Was Don Draper I Would Deliver It To Betty With A Big Red Bow And A Puppy

The "it" is a white Lincoln Continental convertible with suicide doors and red leather interior.

That's what I would get for Betty on a whim, for the beach house.

Until then, she is the hostess on Sunday evening for dinner with Crab Colson of Rogers and Cowan and his wife; Roger and Mona Stirling; and also from Stirling Cooper, Duck Phillips.

Roger couldn't contain his glee making introductions.

"Duck, meet Crab. Crab, meet Duck.

It was not a meal about comedy it was an evening of elegance.

It was a Betty Draper production. Again this woman demonstrates she sweats the small stuff but not the dinner for her husband's boss, the company president, and a Rogers and Cowan VIP.

Betty is the cultured hostess with confidence and flourish.

She is enchanting in every move.

She is breathtakingly tragic.

She is bigger than life.

She is the blonde Jackie O.

All our eyes are upon her.

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